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Before Constructing an Office Building

A bird does not build its nest in all trees. It chooses the tree to nest after careful consideration. But human beings, without giving much thought about the suitability of the place, try and build homes and offices. Hence just like the bird which scouts for a suitable tree before nesting, while spending lakhs and crores of rupees to construct an Industry or an office building, it is essential to explore and reason out before buying the place -whether to buy the property or not? Whether it is vastu compliant or not?

bird nest

Once the bird selects the tree it does not build its nest in any random branch. It selects the branch carefully on which to build its nest. In the same way one should buy land and

  • Select a particular part of the land for constructing the building after careful examination, extensive thinking and research as follows.
  • Whether the land is suitably placed or not?
  • Whether construction of the industrial building can be done on the land purchased as it is or should the unsuitable portion of the land be left out and the Industry be built on the remaining area?
construction office building

While commuting by bus I have keenly observed many office buildings. Very often the wrong positioning of gates, unknowingly constructing the building at will without much thought like either in the north or the east or the north-east (Ishan) side of the land adversely affects the functioning of the business. Sometimes either they operate for few years in the beginning and after few years, in the long run these industries faces ultimate closure or tends to remain idle or inactive.