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Vastu for Multiplex, Complex & Apartments

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  • You must choose the layout in a square or rectangular direction.
  • You should pick the layout if Southwest corner matches the set square. There is no bend or cuts in the Southwest and Northeast corner of the layout.
  • Compound walls are raised in the south and west side, north side and east side are lowered for better results.
  • Leave more space in the North or East Corner but leave less space in the South or West Corner.
  • Don't close the Agni and Vayu Corner.
  • You should construct well, borewells, sump, and swimming pools in North and East Ishanya direction of the layout.
  • Place the main entrances of apartment buildings in peak positions.
  • Also, construct the windows and doors in peak positions, higher altitudes for North and East directions, lower altitudes for South and West directions.