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  • You must construct the main entrance in higher altitude and Northeast direction for better results.
  • You Should construct the rooms of Dean of the Hospital, Chief Doctors and other administrators in Southeast portion of the Southwest room or east-facing sitting positions for best results.
  • You must position the Assistant Chief Doctor room in South or Managers room in west direction.
  • Place your Accounts department in North, Administrative department in East, Conference room in Vayu direction.
  • You should place the Computers, ECG, X-ray machines, and other electronic equipment rooms in Vayu direction.
  • Construct the Intensive Care Unit on the Southwest side.
  • You must build the patients room in South, West, or Vayu directions.
  • You should layout your Information center and Reception part in North and East entrance buildings Ishanya direction. Also, South entrance buildings in Agni direction and West entrance buildings in Vayu Directions.
  • Always advisable to construct your chief doctor's room in the ICU department should do their Surgery in East or North facing manner.
  • You must construct your patients' bed placements in the South or West direction and not in the North direction.